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Oasis Property want to provide our clientele with excellence. Excellence in our advice and recommendations, in our knowledge and expertise; and excellence in our ability to make our clients lives easier during what can be an arduous process. We ensure this excellence through providing our clients with access to Oasis Conveyancing, Oasis Finance and Oasis Property Management. We have the full deck of cards to help you from beginning to end in your property lifecycle.

Premium Buyers Agency Service

After having met with you and conducted all our due diligence to be able to action the search on your brief, we proceed to use all available means to find your property, countless hours of diligent scouting and industry wide contacts to find that off-market purchase to end all purchases!

Negotiation Only Service

If you have already found a property or are happy to perform your own search duties, we do offer a negotiation only service. Please consider that we do this for a living every week of the year on multiple properties with multiple agents and owners, THIS is our skill set. Emotional detachment, experience and skill are paramount here in saving you stress and money.

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Why Oasis Property?

In all my dealings with property, the one truism by Red Adair still rings true.

"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur."

It is with that notion that after 15 years, I can say with certainty that our business has not only saved some hapless buyers from awful mistakes, we've located incredible families to their lifelong 'Oasis'. We've also had the pleasure of created many, many millionaires with judicious buying, savvy investing and most of all, providing a sounding board for rational decision making

Executive Staff

Gavin McPherson

Gavin McPherson

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The passion which underlies Gavin’s approach to helping his client’s is instantly recognisable. Sharp intellect – honed as a qualified Property Economist – and an ability to explain things to you in a way which just makes sense, is why his book “Value Investing in Property” has been so widely acclaimed as the tool people have used to get ahead in property.


Natalie McPherson

Natalie McPherson

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As a founder of Oasis Property, Natalie brings a wealth of experience to our team with the maturity of an industry veteran. With her formal legal qualifications from Macquarie University, Natalie also rounds out the Buyer's Agency experience with her in-house counsel advice at a contract level giving clients that extra advantage at Oasis. Her transactional experience also lends itself to a seamless experience, knowing full well that when the right deal comes along, we need to expedite matters from all third parties. Natalie is a centrepiece at the pointy end of the transaction.


Adam Sampson

Adam Sampson

Partner & Senior Buyer's Agent
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Don’t let Adam’s youthful looks fool you. As our Senior Property buyer and Partner at Oasis, his enthusiasm for property buying is underpinned by a wealth of experience and an uncanny ability to get to the root of what a client wants and then delivering exactly what they need.


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