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Our Services

A Full Service Agency

Oasis is a full service agency offering liaison with building, pest and strata companies. We will also happily liaise with your choice of preferred solicitor/conveyancer, or use our own Oasis conveyancing, and consequently understand how important this facet of the property transaction is to your negotiation and end purchase result.

Search, Locate and Negotiate

After performing a detailed property brief with you, Oasis will then proceed to use all available means to find your property. Countless hours of diligent property scouting and access to off-market and otherwise known as ‘silent sales’ makes using Oasis worthwhile.

Agency Agreement

We understand that the art of buying property is exactly that – an art. As such, our standard form agreement takes into consideration the time that may be required to give you fair diligence to your negotiation.

Upon paying an upfront retainer, both parties sign a standard buyer’s agent agreement. A ‘success’ fee is to be paid for successful negotiation of your property, and payable only after settlement of the property, given a standard 42 day exchange period. This should mean that your home price, disbursements, stamp duty and our fees are paid at a time when all of your costs are disbursed in one sum. We know that as a result of using us, you should be paying less in this final amount.

Valuation to Negotiation

With our access to private and public databases, and of course our industry experience in managing sales agents, we give our clients a huge benefit in being able to better position you, through thorough investigation, for a better negotiation… thus saving you money.

Negotiation Only Service

If you have already found a property for yourself or are happy to perform your own search duties, we are happy to conduct the service of negotiation only. A good negotiator will know that the task of negotiation begins not after inspection but even at the first phone call. From this point onwards, all energies spent should be done in the context of saving our clients every dollar possible.

Please consider that we do this for a living, our emotional detachment, experience and skill in this area is paramount to saving you stress and money.

Inclusions in this service

  • Sales and data research (RP data reports and analysis)
  • Negotiation of property
  • Small retainer fee ($1500 + GST)
  • Eight month agency agreement. This means that there is no limit to the amount of properties that we are prepared to negotiate for you in this time, and many investors (who will have a narrow value: cost rationalisation margin) are able to take advantage of this service that allows them to capture a property at the price they wanted, and not be worried about us paying another fee if the property is not successful

The fee for this service is half our standard fee plus an additional $250.

Value Investing In Property

Too many people just buy property – and then call themselves a property investor. After spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a purchase, wouldn’t you like to know how to get it right?

As one of Australia’s leading property buying advocates, Gavin also takes aim at those who’s so called advice has led to huge losses for the average Australian property investor. Their time is up!

In his words: 130 properties in 2.5 years is a great way to go broke, but just remember doing nothing at all runs a very close second.

With the world’s greatest investor Warren Buffett as the perfect reference point, Gavin also demonstrates how having a rock solid investor mindset is just as important as buying great properties for a great price.

Find out the secret to investing from Australia’s best

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Value Investing In Property

Gav is a rock star!

5 5 1
Gav is a rock star! It’s not just the money I made from property that makes me say this. It was his timeless advice on property investment and life that makes Gavin one person you don’t mind hitching your fortunes to. If you read one book on investment this year – make it this one!

Gavin’s book is a great read for clear headed investors

5 5 1
As this book makes clear, although the era of skyrocketing house prices is over, investors can still make money from property. But it’s now the quality not the quantity of properties you buy that matters. Gavin’s book is a great read for clear headed investors who are seeking a sturdy path to property wealth.