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Why all the best properties never go to auction

Oasis Property chief executive Gavin McPherson said auctions were rife with “bad behaviour” such as overquoting, and that his team of buyer’s agents avoided them like the plague.


Open letter to Bill Shorten - don’t touch negative gearing or the capital gains tax

From the outset, let me say that prior to recent policy announcements I’ve got no real objection to Mr Shorten. To add to that claim, I can honestly say that I didn’t vote for either the Coalition or the Labor party at the last Federal election. So landing the claim of extreme bias doesn’t sit with me.

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Expert Says Infrastructure Isn't The Be All And End All Of Investment Locations

The head of one real estate agency believes the western Sydney suburb of Wentworth Park will be a 2016 real estate hotspot once the Homebush Bay Bridge is completed.

Your investment property

Why investing in South East Queensland is a good idea?

In today’s show, Gavin McPherson from Oasis Property tells us why he and his colleagues are focused on investing in South East Queensland.

Real Estate Talk

If you thought saving for a home loan was already too hard, try scraping together a $238,000 deposit

AUSTRALIANS who have been saving their pennies for a home-loan deposit could face an even tougher time ahead, with experts warning higher deposits are here to stay.


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